log cabin coloring page


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log cabin coloring page
log cabin coloring page

I love wolves and really need some ideas about a wolve themed room! can someone give me ideas?

I love wolves!! And I mean love! I really want a wolf themed room! I thought I could have just lots of Pictures of them and posters and perhaps some wolf print cushions. There is a grey tiger bedspread with big blue eyes I have been wanting for a while because I also used to like wildcats. Should I give that up? I am turning 13 soon and want my room looking more mature. What wolve things should I put in it? Please Help!!

Lone Wolf.

Sure… here ya go, *vbs*

You’ll actually want to do a ‘Lodge Theme’ (giving your room that kinda Rustic, Log Cabin look and feel) with Wolves taking center-stage.

Pay attention to Paint colours. You’ll want to take the colours from your Bedding to use on the walls. Deep Reds, Forest Greens, even rich Tans and Blues. Once you decide on your Bedding, take a pillowcase with you to the paint store to match-up the Paint colours.

Also pay attention to all the ‘things’ you see in the pictures of rustic rooms… rustic shelving, decorative branches, stuff like that. An Area Rug would go a long way to ‘anchoring’ your room. Make sure it goes with your Bedding.

If you find a picture of a room you really like, just copy it right over into your room. If your furniture isn’t quite right, (and it’s just too expensive to replace it), then scrub it down, give it a good sanding, and paint it in a complementary colour to your Bedding and Walls!

That picture will be your ‘Design Plan’. As it takes ‘time’ ‘and ‘money’ to redecorate, keep that picture on-hand so you can, little-by-little, work your plan. Like the rest of us who have to put our rooms together piece-meal, it will take longer to get your room to the finished state, but without a plan, it will NEVER get there. So, like I said, if you find a picture of how you want your room to end up looking, keep that picture handy, *s*

WOLF WORLD… (right-hand side of page)



















Enjoy creating your room! And, yes, you’re gonna have to choose between the Wolves and the Tigers, can’t have both… unless you’re gonna go for a ‘Hunter’s Theme’. Personally, I like the wolves better, *vbs*

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